Multicultural Britain (focus on facts)

Why did so many people from different ethnic backgrounds come to Great Britain?

  • They were expected to fight for the British
  • Massive task of reconstruction after WWII encouraged immigration
  • Commonwealth citizens have always been free to enter GB

consequence: Immigration acts to limit the numbers of immigrants.

Majority ot those who are allowed to settle in GB are dependants of people
who are British citizens.

Two sides of multiculturalism


  • Pluralism contributes to the cultural and economic vitality of GB
  • Linguistic variety makes GB a preferred location multinational companies
  • Multicultural character of British food


  • Members of ethnic minorities experience a great number of social disadvantages
    • Their children are more likely to need special help in education
    • Unemployment is higher
    • Racial discrimination

But ethnic minorities better integrated than in other European countries


  • Massive influx of asylum seekers, refugees and illegal immigrants
  • Terrorist threat

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